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Open source technologies for website designing are rapidly increasing, and wordpress and Joomla have become quite favorite platforms. In fact, in the last few years, the usage of these open source technologies has increased by a leap and bound.

However, there is debate over the usability of both these platforms for designing a website. Here, are some features of both the platforms that will help to make a better judgment.

WordPress vs Web Design Joomla – Who will win?

User-friendliness First of all, let’s judge the credibility of Joomla and WordPress in terms of usability. WordPress is simple software that provides easy- to- use features. In terms of usability, Joomla is also quite simple, but the number of features of this software is higher than WordPress. The latest version of Joomla (1.5x series) is simpler and a novice without any technical expertise can easily use it. Joomla brings the consistency in a site and makes it more advanced. However, wordpress can make a site look good within minutes, but the site will not appear as very advanced.

Adaptability — It is true that wordpress is being used as a regular content management system, but it is more potent when used as a platform for blogging. If you consider Joomla, you will notice that it is a content management system as well, but it is more advanced. It is true that you can use wordpress easily, even if your technical knowledge is limited, but Joomla is definitely more developed and it can be effectively used for different types of web applications and websites. Therefore, for a blog-based site, it seems that wordpress is the perfect platform. However, for more advanced site with static content, it is better to use Joomla.

Which Is More Scalable
In terms of scalability, Joomla stands out. WordPress can be good and effective for the websites that are only meant to feature blogs, articles, information or content. For a website with advanced features, wordpress designing is not a suitable choice. On the contrary, Joomla enjoys excellent scalability. The website developed by using Joomla can easily add up any type of bespoke functionality. However, there are add-ons features of WordPress like wordpress plug-ins, but they are not as scalable as the high-end features that Joomla components can develop.

SEO Benefits — In terms of search engine optimization, Joomla is not ahead of wordpress. The search engine ranking of a Joomla designed site will not be better, if the platform is left to its default settings. However, this is not a drawback because any Joomla developer can easily optimize the Joomla site easily to make it rank high in the search engines. On the other hand, wordpress enjoys better SEO friendliness. It can be said that wordpress has a little edge over Joomla in terms of sear engine optimization.

After comparing some common features of Joomla and WordPress, it can be said that Joomla wins the battle.

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