Inserting Symbols and Special Characters

Post date: 2010-07-15

At some point or other of situation with certain purpose, you will need to insert symbols or special characters in your Word 2007 document.

To insert a symbol or special character into your document, follow these steps in Word 2007:

  1. Position the cursor where you would like to insert the symbol or character
  2. Open the Insert ribbon
  3. Click Symbol in the Symbol section
  4. A menu will appear with a small selection of symbols
  5. If you don't see the symbol or character you'd like to insert, click More Symbols
  6. Use the controls to select between symbols and special characters. Additional tools on the symbols tab will help you expand or narrow your selection
  7. When you find your symbol or special character, click it and then click Insert
  8. When you're done, click Close

The symbol or special character will appear at the appropriate place in your document.

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