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Benefit of CSS

Post date: 2010-06-25

Benefits of Cascading Style Sheets

In HTML 4.0, most HTML formatting elements have been deprecated, meaning that, although they are still supported by browsers, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommends that they no longer be used. Web designers are to use CSS instead.

The major benefits of CSS are:

  1. Cleaner code
    • Easier to maintain
    • Speedier download
    • Better for search engine optimization
  2. Modular code
    • Style rules can be applied to multiple pages
    • Consistency of design
    • Easier to Maintain
  3. Design Power
    • Precise control of position, size, margins, etc.
  4. Division of labor
    • Developers develop / Designers design
  5. Better Accessibility
    • No need to misuse tags (e.g, <blockquote> for formatting)
    • No need for invisible images for positioning
    • Users' style sheets override authors' styles

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